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A maverick in the world of wedding photography, Tom O’Neal has been capturing the magic of marriage for over twenty-five years. His intuitive connection to people enables him to approach each wedding as a unique event with a signature of its own. Reactive photography has been a part of O’Neal’s repertoire long before the term popularized.

Time is definitely on Tom O’Neal’s side. He entered the world of wedding photography via the one on one work he did in the Rock and Roll explosion of the sixties. Privileged to have privately photographed famous musicians and celebrities, he learned that his success was dependent on his ability to blend into the physical and emotional environment of the moment. Knowing that important lost moments can never be recaptured, he realized that some of the best shots occur at the least expected moments. He built his wedding career on the art of anticipation.

The Tom O’Neal Company, TGO Photography is a full service studio dedicated to the customization of each wedding based on client preferences and style. With talented associate photographers and a professional efficient staff, TGO is able to meet the highest of expectations in service, products, and the art of photography.